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Private Residence

Location: Mustique, The Grenadines, West Indies
Client: Private Residence
Completion: February 2010

Photography: Tom Arban


The Taliesin residence is located on Mustique, a privately owned island in the Grenadines, West Indies, 13 degrees north of the equator.

Situated on a steep slope, the 20,000-square-foot residence incorporates a gym, a pool, spa and activity rooms. The main living space is organized to maximize the view of the ocean and the living room, dining room and kitchen all look out over the sea. The residence takes full advantage of its beautiful site allowing for an open-air lifestyle while providing luxurious seclusion and privacy.

Wide eaves for all buildings give protection from the sun and rain. As there is no ground water on Mustique, all water is collected from the roofs, the protective roof, therefore, is of great symbolic and practical importance.