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Building Information

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is 3D technology designed to engage a wide range of users, including architects, consultants, contractors, constructors and clients in a model environment. In addition to generating three-dimensional representations of building schemes, BIM incorporates an extensive database that allows coordination of all building elements through a single platform.

The program allows the coordination of all construction systems, it provides functional operations tracking and cost control monitoring, an ease of information exchange between consultants, clients and authorities with building construction jurisdiction. Project coordination in three dimensions provides all concerned the ability to monitor project progress and thus allow any issues to be addressed early in the process, reducing the opportunity for cost overruns during the construction period.

The office employs this system as appropriate to each project we undertake.


In evaluating a wide range of design options – everything from window type and size to quantifying the cost-benefit of adding a green roof – Building Information Modeling can analyze the options to determine the energy performance of a building.

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Lesley Lewis, CEO
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