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There is, in our view, a symbiosis between the architecture of the exterior and that of the interior. This is not to equate the two in regard to their contexts, which clearly are different, but to relate them in terms of aesthetic consistency. Both are in service to a greater goal, which is to comprehensively serve the practical and symbolic aims of the building, while catering to very different environmental conditions.


Colour can reinforce the architectural features of a building as well as establish mood. Bold colours are used to highlight interior features, such as the atrium of the University of Toronto Scarborough’s Instructional Centre (left). Interior design considerations include flooring, fixtures, built-in and movable furnishings, cabinetry and lighting. We maintain a professional affiliation with The Association of Registered Interior Designers of Ontario (ARIDO).


award-winning interiors

The quality of the design is not just from its strong urban exterior, but in the interiors – from the light within the building, to the warmth in the meeting rooms and the cast glass wrapped around the atrium’s central staircase.

Janice Oliver, Former Assistant Vice-President
Facilities and Services at the University of Toronto, Bahen Centre for Information Technology