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Master Planning &
Urban Design

The aim of master planning is to utilize each building component as an incremental addition to a larger whole. In other words, each building must satisfy two objectives – one to accommodate its particular function to advantage and the other as a contributor to an aggregate that is greater than the sum of its parts. Provisions for growth should be those that add to the aggregate and enhance the form of the complex.

Master Plan & urban design awards

  • University of Ontario Institute of Technology, Oshawa, Ontario; Honor Award for Excellence in Planning for a New Campus, Society for College and University Planning / American Institute of Architects Committee on Architecture for Education; National Urban Design Awards, Special Jury Award for Community Urban Design
  • One Cole, Toronto, Ontario; Toronto Urban Design Award
  • CANMET Materials Technology Laboratory, Hamilton, Ontario; Urban Design And Architecture Awards, Award of Excellence

Socially Responsible Design

It is the inclusion of a social dimension that elevates buildings to architecture and planning to urban design. It is also the creation of a symbiosis between buildings and the open spaces they shape that ensures their durability. Most of all, the open space should not be decorative, but perform useful roles as meeting, performance, ceremonial or a host of other public functions.

The master plan for the University of Ontario Institute of Technology (above) accomplishes these aims – a quadrangle that is the heart of the campus while being the locus of one of the largest geothermal installations in North America: this green space provides the heating and cooling to the campus as a whole.