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Restoration, Revitalization
& Renovation

Bringing new life and purpose to old buildings is a challenging and rewarding task, not to mention a fundamental pursuit of sustainable design. We have uncovered soaring wood-beam ceilings in a college library, transformed a derelict brick factory into a centre for sustainable cities and are repurposing a textile mill into a Fine Arts faculty. By reinterpreting buildings for contemporary purposes, we keep alive a vital link with the past and blend new and old in the fabric of urban life.

Heritage Awards

Bridgepoint Active Healthcare, Toronto, Ontario; 2014 Heritage Canada the National Trust, Ecclesiastical Insurance Cornerstone Awards for Building Heritage – Adaptive Use/Rehabilitation2014

Grand Theatre, Kingston, Ontario; Frontenac Heritage Foundation, Certificate of Commendation

Gerstein Reading Room, University of Toronto, Ontario; Heritage Toronto, The William Greer Prize, Honourable Mention

Burns Building, Calgary, Alberta; Heritage Canada Foundation, Credit Foncier Award

Berkeley Castle, Toronto, Ontario; Heritage Canada Foundation, National Award of Honour