Living and Learning on McMaster’s Campus

September 7, 2020

The Peter George Centre for Living and Learning (PGCLL) is a true hybrid building. The integrated and accessible design reflects McMaster University’s intention to create a space where all levels of the academic community can cross paths during their time on campus. PGCLL consolidates residence, academic, childcare, food and student services into one building while infusing the programming with teaching and learning innovation.

The building design plays with two forms: the linear atrium and residences; and the egg-shaped auditoria nestled in the middle. Stacking the 650-seat, 500-seat auditoria, and 400-seat active learning classroom allowed the design team to shape the profile of each lecture hall in a curvilinear way that allows students to animate the edges of the atrium and lecture halls. The four-storey atrium, with a continuous skylight, has generous space for socializing and studying. Connecting the 650-seat auditorium on the lower level up to the health services, the helical stair is inviting to use and provides views across the atrium. The 550-bed residence is anchored with social spaces and natural daylight with study lounges and kitchens on each floor.

This video, directed by doublespace photography, tours the multiple uses of this hybrid building.