Our Approach

We design buildings that elevate and enrich communities. By working collaboratively with clients, looking carefully at sites and their broader contexts, our designs improve the organizations that use them. We believe architecture can inspire and empower people to realize their full potential.

“The building has achieved our objectives of fostering a vibrant student-staff-faculty-community dynamic that is expressed in high levels of personal interactions, both planned and spontaneous, throughout a warm and inviting physical environment.”

Max Blouw, Former WLU President

We operate on the world stage and bring a Canadian understanding to our work. We respect difference, value nature, promote health and safety, work hard, and strive for compassion.

Sustainability is now a widely recognized imperative and we have spent decades championing socially responsible design. Our definition of sustainability encompasses not only the environment but also individual wellbeing and economic soundness.

Great beauty is created from these principles, and it is immediately evident how our work enhances its surroundings. Our buildings transcend our clients’ expectations— and also those of the people who use them.