Lifelong Learning with Javier Zeller and Jessie Shifman

December 10, 2021

“As architects we have this remarkable opportunity to look in on organizations and share insights about their structure that might not be immediately apparent to them, but the lesson is that for this to happen you need to put the time in to understand the mission of your client, not just as a printed slogan, but the way it gets carried out daily. This applies whether you are designing for a librarian introducing a child to the world of reading, or a researcher at the leading edges of bio-medical research.”

Javier Zeller, Associate

Associate Javier Zeller tells us his story of how he went from a lecturer at the University of Toronto into the architecture industry. He discusses the importance of building relationships with our clients and his experience working on the Peter Gilgan Centre for Research and Learning project in Toronto.

Senior Associate Jessie Shifman joins Javier to talk about mentorship and their experiences of being mentors with BAIDA and NOMAS.