Dezeen: Diamond Schmitt designs Canada’s oldest continuing museum

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Andrea Chin, Communications Director

Don Schmitt, Principal

April 5, 2024

Diamond Schmitt’s design of the new contemporary home for the New Brunswick Museum (NBM) is featured in an article by Ben Dreith for Dezeen.

The museum in Saint John, Canada is one of the country’s oldest museums. The 134,000-square-foot building will unite the current disparate collections of the museum, which are spread in different facilities throughout Saint John, into a new facility at the museum’s current heritage site.

The museum's current primary location is within a neoclassical building on a slip of land north of the city that opened in 1934 – with roots in a collection operating in different parts of the city since the early 19th century, giving it the title of Canada's "oldest continuing museum".

The new design will create a structure, expanding the site while maintaining the historic facade on the eastern, street-facing aspect of the building and the northern face, which will serve as an internal wall. Some of the historic building's interiors may be retained. The design intends to mediate the urban environment with the waterfront.

When completed, the museum's research work and exhibitions will be brought together within one sustainable, decarbonized facility that fully supports the museum's mission of preserving, researching, interpreting, and exhibiting the natural and cultural heritage of the Province of New Brunswick.

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