York Woods Library

“Beautiful and well-equipped public spaces like this one help build resilience, success and well-being for the community and its residents.”

Vickery Bowles, City Librarian, Toronto Public Library

With a commitment to creating public spaces that bring communities together, the Toronto Public Library’s new York Woods branch, is an inviting building where everyone feels welcome.

The renovated branch includes a new 2000 sq ft Entrance Pavilion, that creates a prominent street presence topped by a prismatic timber roof. Inside, the two-storey library hosts a transparent interconnected atrium and amphitheatre staircase, improving orientation and creating a sense of place.

York Woods responds to the community’s need for safe public spaces and infrastructure. The library introduces multiple flexible program areas that cater to all age groups. New public spaces for quiet study and collaboration, lounge seating and reading areas were part of the expansion to support educational and casual gatherings that provide a more inclusive environment. Glazing in the new addition creates visual connections between the surrounding neighbourhood and the library activities within.

Serving a population of more than 55,000, the York Woods branch is a vital centre in the Jane and Finch community, in providing services that extend beyond the traditional library lending model. The new space serves as a beacon of creativity and inclusivity where children, youth and adults can engage in a variety of educational programs and thrive socially and creatively.

Client Toronto Public Library
Completion 2023

Team See full project team
Derek Bonnett
Erin Broda
Perry Edwards
Navid Majdi
Gary McCluskie
Eoin McMahon
Sarah Mercer
Ronny Sepulveda
Matthew Tsui