Architectural Record: New York’s David Geffen Hall Plans a Fall 2022 Reopening

architectural rendering of the new David Geffen Hall in New York City with orchestra and audience

Andrea Chin, Communications Director



December 6, 2021

Diamond Schmitt's design of re-imagined David Geffen Hall is featured in Architectural Record. Principal Gary McCluskie recently had a chance to speak with author Justin Davidson and share insight into Diamond Schmitt's creative design approach for the state-of-the-art performance venue opening next fall.

"Diamond Schmitt has softened Johnson’s crisp rectilinearity and dispensed with the proscenium in favor of gently curving side walls with balconies that look molded into the wall rather than hung. Wood, solidly anchored to plaster over concrete masonry, boosts bass response and is a unifying element, said McCluskie, “wrapping the orchestra with the room.” The wavelike contours in the surface scatter higher sound frequencies."

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