The Re-Imagined David Geffen Hall

“The new David Geffen Hall building, with its greater audience intimacy, flexible acoustics, and variable stage configurations, will enable us to diversify our programming presentations to reflect our 21st-century musical world. This project marks an exciting new chapter in New York’s musical and artistic life, one that will brightly illuminate the future and the sublime creations from the past.”

Jane Moss, Ehrenkranz Artistic Director, Lincoln Center

David Geffen Hall, home to New York’s Philharmonic, at Lincoln Centre is more than a music hall. It’s a cultural landmark. At its core, a concert hall has, through the years, celebrated memorable moments, hosting notable performers and patrons.

Designed originally by Max Abromovitz in 1962, the hall has gone under multiple renovations over the decades. These efforts have attempted to address the—still unresolved—acoustical challenges. However, re-imagined, and set to open in 2024, the new David Geffen Hall will offer an immersive experience. Highly flexible and future-oriented, it will accommodate both orchestra initiatives and experimental performances.

A collaborative architectural project, the transformation is driven by a forward-thinking leadership and a team of design experts. As the designers of the concert hall, we have employed a single-room concept, eliminating the proscenium to foster an intimate connection between patrons and performers. We have also restored the modernist features, but turned the rectilinear shoebox space into a curvilinear music hall fit for the 21st century. The shell of the building will remain intact; the Concert Hall and its public spaces, however, will be ushered into the contemporary era—complete with improved infrastructure, increased versatility, and superb acoustics.

Client Lincoln Center and New York Philharmonic
Completion 2024

Public Space Collaboration Tod Williams and Billie Tsien Architects
Images Courtesy of Lincoln Center and New York Philharmonic

Team See full project team
Sherri Catt
Nick Duch
Mehdi Ghiyaei
Emre Goktay
Simge Goktay
Valerie Gomez
Stephanie Huss
Matthew Lella
Liheng Li
Michael Lukasik
Christiano Mahler
Gary McCluskie
Maya Orzechowska
Graeme Reed
Matthew Schmid
Donald Schmitt
Nigel Tai
Michael Treacy
Jose Trinidad
Sybil Wa
Russell Wooten
Coco Xiong
Albert Yu
Wei Zhao