David Geffen Hall receives USITT 2024 Architecture Merit Award

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Andrea Chin, Communications Director
Email: achin@dsai.ca

Gary McCluskie, Principal
Email: gmccluskie@dsai.ca

February 15, 2024

David Geffen Hall has received a United States Institute for Theatre Technology (USITT) 2024 Architecture Merit Award.

The USITT Architecture Awards Program recognizes, both publicly and professionally, architectural projects that provide design excellence and the ability to resolve design challenges present in large and small projects for old and new theatres. 

When selecting award-winning projects, a panel of judges evaluated creativity, functional effectiveness, and the integration of technologies that align with the community and its surroundings. The re-imagined David Geffen Hall was selected for providing an immersive experience for visitors, with enhanced technology and flexibility of space.

"When setting out to reimagine David Geffen Hall, we knew that while preserving its history, the hall needed to go through a rebirth and be transformed into a cultural space that was truly future-thinking – both in its technical capabilities and its ability to foster a renewed sense of community,” says Gary McCluskie, Principal at Diamond Schmitt.

Read more about the winning project here.