Sarah Elliott

Phone: +1 416 862 8800 x384

Sarah Elliott brings a breadth of expertise to Diamond Schmitt, having joined the firm in 2015 with a primary focus on envelope detailing. Specializing in the Contract Documents and Construction phases, her attention to detail and dedication to quality, results in highly efficient buildings with a more resource-efficient and sustainable future.

Sarah has played a pivotal role in a diverse array of projects; Buddy Holly Hall Performing Arts Center, PWC Mixed-Use Building and VMC East Block Condos, all of which have benefited from her enthusiasm to navigate complex technical challenges while keeping design at the fore. 

As a Certified Passive House Designer (CPHD), she is currently working on High Rise Residential Towers for client Ottawa Community Housing utilizing Passive House principles. These culture shifting projects are committed to creating high-performance envelopes that exceed current Industry standards of energy efficiency while meeting the needs of their communities.

Sarah continues to shape Diamond Schmitt's commitment to design excellence and sustainability in architecture. She consistently contributes to the office’s studio experience, sharing the technical requirements of the construction process, positively influencing the built environment for generations to come.