Buddy Holly Hall: Landscape and Community

April 27, 2021

The new Buddy Holly Hall of Performing Arts and Sciences is a landmark destination that grew from the community’s needs, inspired by Lubbock’s physical and cultural landscape. Architects Matthew Lella, A.J. Diamond, Mike Lukasik, and Cynthia Carbonneau tell the story of how the Diamond Schmitt team took their Canadian understanding of function, spirit, and acoustics to West Texas’ light and materiality. Buddy Holly Hall is a model in top tier theatre design rooted in its context.

Drawing on the strength of the cast of characters of Buddy Holly, the city of Lubbock, and the architects of Diamond Schmitt, this video showcases the design and beauty of the new Hall. The video, created by two Toronto and Lubbock teams, continues the spirit of collaboration of the design and construction of the project between the design team, project partners, and community.

Director: Shane Nassiri
Project Manager: Visit Lubbock
Interview Videos: Billet Media