Arne Suraga

Phone: +1 416 862 8800 x516

Being fascinated by architecture and design from an early age, Arne pursued this passion through a Master of Architecture degree from the University of Toronto. After joining Diamond Schmitt Architects in 2013 he has been engaged on numerous projects of truly varied scales: From temporary pavilions sheltering dozens through to multi-tower developments housing thousands, his attention to detail and design are central to them all. His portfolio of experience includes a broad range of building typologies, from institutional academic facilities to residential projects, through to commercial spaces and installations.

Developing designs hand-in-hand with sustainable objectives is a key element of his design ethos, and this belief in implementing real-world solutions drew him to become involved in the Passive House community, culminating in becoming a Certified Passive House Designer in 2017. Looking to elevate the design process further, he has been a leading voice at the firm for exploring digital fabrication hand-in-hand with computational design, and to expand design exploration through the firm’s fabrication space.