St. Clair Place

“[This project will be a] huge benefit to the area,” Deer Park Residents Group vice-president Stephen Cameron Smith told NRU. “This project is so perfect [because] it has everything. More retail, more commercial, condos, rentals, public realms spaces, deals with traffic issues. Very few entire block developments come up. This is one of them. Wittington is doing it right.”


Accessed by arcades, lanes and grand gateways, St. Clair Place offers a new public realm to engage the surrounding neighborhood while welcoming new residents to the area in the residential towers above the public podium. St. Clair Place continues and augments the ongoing rejuvenation at Yonge and St. Clair.

Focused on a series of generous new public spaces, St. Clair Place provides three rooms: an interior great hall connected to transit; an exterior urban room lined with retail and community space; and a plaza formed with the south edge of Westminster Church. The great hall offers a year-round community hub as a vibrant extension of the exterior urban room. This exterior space provides a place to eat, shop and play: a space for curated activities that bring the community together. The plaza, with a view corridor to the church tower, reconnects Westminster Church to the neighborhood.

Client Wittington Properties Limited
Completion 2025
Sustainability LEED Platinum Target

Team See full project team
Tristan Crawford
Judith Geher
Emre Goktay
Simge Goktay
Bennet Hu
Michael Jess
Waleed Khan
Michael Leckman
Minwoo Lee
Christiano Mahler
Sarah Mercer
Donald Schmitt
Arne Suraga
Nigel Tai
Jose Trinidad
Gary Watson
Haley Zhou