Kyle Marren

Phone: +1 416 862 8800 x534

Kyle Marren is driven by a passion for innovation and efficiency. With an interest in emerging technologies, Kyle constantly seeks out new software and workflows, exploring faster and more efficient methods to model and represent detailed designs. He utilizes a variety of digital tools for conceptual design, that allow him to collaborate with project teams to shape and push the boundaries of design visualization.

Since joining Diamond Schmitt in 2016, Kyle has distinguished himself as forward-thinking, consistently striving to integrate tools and methodologies that support teams and the delivery of detailed projects. Kyle shares his technical knowledge and experience as a member of Diamond Schmitt’s educational Advisory Board, Design Technologies and Computational Design Committees.

Kyle’s innovation systems-oriented approach ensures teams complete their best work. With a commitment to design excellence, Kyle makes significant contributions to the field of architecture and has developed projects various scale including commercial, retail, and residential buildings. He is currently working on the Scarborough Academy of Medicine and Integrated Health at the University of Toronto Scarborough Campus.

Kyle holds a Bachelor of Architectural Science from TMU (formerly Ryerson University) and a Masters of Architecture from the University of Calgary.