“TELUS Ocean will enrich Victoria’s unique historical core with stunning, world-class architecture, and enhanced public spaces that create a truly welcoming destination for our team members, the community and indeed all British Columbians.”

Darren Entwistle President & CEO of TELUS

TELUS Ocean is envisioned as an iconic architectural landmark—a centre of activity, creativity and innovation in the heart of Victoria’s Downtown and Inner Harbour. As the future home of the TELUS Victoria team, TELUS Ocean will celebrate design excellence and leading edge sustainability practices, creating a natural sense of gravity that draws future investment, new business, people, and collaboration.

TELUS Ocean will be a striking yet contextual form, taking advantage of its flatiron terminus on one of Victoria’s most prominent intersections. The design will make a significant contribution to the public realm of the area – both outside and inside the building – and will literally and symbolically engage with the knowledge and imagery of the ocean through its architectural and landscape design, material palette, lighting, water feature and media installations.

The commanding ‘prow’ design will be amplified through considerate geometry, detailing, and lighting that will allow TELUS Ocean to act as an alluring lantern at night. Numerous new natural spaces will be created throughout the building, including its lobby, rooftop and multiple landscaped terraces. The building design will celebrate biodiversity and restore ecosystems, foster a culture of wellness to drive meaningful social change, and reduce emissions through low carbon and resilient design.

The building has been thoughtfully designed to integrate a variety of people spaces not only at the street level but throughout the building’s interior. The multi-level lobby acts not only as an arrival space but also a place to gather, learn and reflect. Generous and light-filled tenant spaces represent an evolution of the traditional workspace, including the integration of flexible outdoor terrace workspaces that promote wellness, spark casual interaction and promote the exchange of ideas.

Acting as a marker of the southern edge of Victoria’s Downtown, TELUS Ocean will boast high-calibre views of both the city and the harbour. The building will additionally utilize its central location by acting as a draw to people in the immediate neighbourhood and further beyond.

Client TELUS Communications
Completion 2024
Sustainability BC Energy Step Code Step 3 Target

Local community development parter and collaborator Aryze Developments
Renderings TELUS Ocean / Aryze Developments

Team See full project team
Anthony Brown
Elena Chernyshov
Anne Cheung
David Dow
Serena Gagliardi
Judith Geher
Vincent Goetz
Michael Jess
Rod Maas
Ana Maria Llanos
Christiano Mahler
Kyle Marren
Dyan Milagrosa
Sarah Prows
Jose Trinidad
Donald Schmitt