Markham Centre Campus

“The York University Markham Centre Campus fits perfectly with the vision we have for Markham Centre; building on Markham’s highly skilled, highly educated and diverse workforce. This will strengthen our position as a hub for innovation, while driving the prosperity of the Province, York Region and the City of Markham.”

Frank Scarpitti, City of Markham Mayor

York University’s Markham Centre Campus (MCC) will be the first University campus in Markham, allowing students to study in a state-of-the art campus setting. The first building will serve as a gateway to the new MCC, accommodating a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs to meet the needs of York Region’s post-secondary community.

The building and site plan design derive from a series of architectural design principles, each of which supports and strengthens York President’s goals for the MCC project: accessibility, connectedness, impact, and excellence.

As the first facility on campus, this building is one of connection, between the MCC and Markham, between formal and informal spaces; and between all members of the York community.

Designed as a five-storey podium with five storey tower, the building form accommodates student programs at grade level, supports a welcoming and highly accessible entry from Enterprise Boulevard, and maximizes access to sun and natural light. Cantilevers and curves animate the building form and create fluid, interactive spaces supporting teaching and research within a vertical campus.

Our design establishes a strong campus identity for MCC within the emerging Markham city-centre district. High floor to floor heights; permeability and transparency at grade levels; variegated patterns of vision glass and bronze anodized aluminum panels; deep building recesses at mid-levels and curved building lines in plan are among several features that distinguish the University building within its context.

The sloped campus commons provides an informal outdoor assembly space and focal point for the campus. At the first three levels, the building entrances integrate landscape areas with the building form, creating a continuous sequence of informal interior and exterior public spaces. Inside, ten floors of highly flexible teaching and learning spaces are clustered around a dynamic, multi-storey atrium. Commons areas are dotted throughout the building, providing spaces for students to study, meet, and collaborate.

The design of this highly accessible building defines a collegial academic community for York University within a series of interconnected, multi-storey spaces of gathering and interaction. MCC will be landmark destination serving as a catalyst for future growth in the region and an inspiration for the next generation of post-secondary learning.

Client York University
Completion 2023

Team See full project team
Adam Ward
Antra Roze
Beatriz Leon
Branka Gazibara
Christiano Mahler
Claudia Cozzitorto
Dewald Badenhorst
Donald Schmitt
Elnaz Eidinejad
Emre Goktay
Gregory Colucci
Hugo Flammin
Jessica Cheung
Judith Geher
Karel Brozik
Kyle Marren
Leonardo de Melo
Mahdie Irannejad
Marcela Ortiz
Marcin Ludwik Sztaba
Matthew Smith
Nazig Seropian
Parisa Kohbodi
Patrick Spear
Ramona Adlakha
Rex Shettlewood
Rishi Tailor
Ronny Sepulveda