Notch Therapeutics

“The renewal and advancement of the laboratories is essential for Ontario’s continued response to emerging health threats. The location of our laboratories will enhance academic and healthcare partnerships.”

Dr. Vivek Goel, president and CEO, Public Health Ontario

The Notch Therapeutics facility located within the MaRS Discovery District in downtown Toronto harmonizes social interaction with scientific discovery. Designed for spontaneous interaction and efficient research, the laboratory layout uses glazing to connect labs and offices, fostering collaboration and privacy. Increased visual connectivity and ample natural lighting throughout the space ensures that occupants feel energized and connected.

A modular approach was utilized for the layout of the space and planning of the labs. Open concept island benches with top-down service access will provide adaptable workspaces, while overhead service panels in the ceiling optimize utilities. The labs have been arranged to achieve the maximum amount of usable floor space for equipment and benching while maintaining safe distances between facing work areas for circulation.

The facility accommodates Notch Therapeutics’ groundbreaking work in universally compatible immune cell therapy and is fully equipped with an analytical lab, process development lab, tissue culture rooms, a quarantine room, and supporting spaces that facilitate scientific exploration.

The design meets the functional needs of a cutting-edge biotechnology company, but also embraces the ethos of collaboration and discovery. Its strategic location and design foster a dynamic link to the MaRS Discovery District, symbolizing the facility’s role as a hub of innovation and progress.

Client Notch Therapeutics
Completion 2023

Photography Lisa Logan

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Sheldbe Chan
Brandon Griffin
Martin Kristensen
Nelson Lai
Catherine Lin
Christiano Mahler
Navid Majdi
Rajkumari Sawant
Peggy Theodore