Advanced Manufacturing Research Facility

The National Research Council (NRC)’s Advanced Manufacturing Program (AMP) strives to aid in the development and adoption of efficient new technologies and processes to advance Canada as a forerunner in this area on a global scale.

The AMP’s Advanced Manufacturing Research Facility in Winnipeg is designed and operated as a state-of-the-art research-based hub, with a particular focus on facilitating innovation within the country’s high-tech automotive and aerospace industries.

Based on a flexible organization system, the building maximizes its ability to adapt to the needs of future research programs. Its massing and elevation respond to the AMP’s programmatic requirements, the contextualization of the building in the surrounding agricultural and industrial area, and the visible presence of the Pilot Plant as the public’s opportunity to get a glimpse into the facility’s inner workings. A common entry at ground level in the centre of the plan fosters interaction and collaboration. Due to the nature of research and development that is carried out at the facility, certain programs such as modular laboratories, the Pilot Plant and High Bay spaces are designed for flexibility in order to adapt to changing user needs; and with future expansion and sustainability initiatives in mind.

The presence of natural light was a guiding principle for the building’s design. Extensive glazing on the interior and exterior, clerestory windows, and sidelights have been integrated where possible. Within, the lab program is organized around a series of interior daylit streets that provide visual identity and a diversity of experiences for tenants, researchers, and collaborators.

The Advanced Manufacturing Research Facility is characterized by a material palette that clads the structure with metal and ceramic tiles. Collectively, these establish a kinetic screen that has reflective qualities and naturally replicates wind patterns. In concert with a glass curtain wall, they form a cohesive whole—expressing an openness and transparency that reflects the high standards of collaboration and technical advances the NRC wants to portray outwardly.

Client National Research Council

In joint venture with Number TEN Architectural Group
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Amanda van Amelsfort
Cecily Eckhardt
Ashley Fava
John Featherstone
Martin Kristensen
Catherine Lin
Darlene Magno
Nadia Mulji
Talayeh Rad
Peggy Theodore
Stephanie Town