Peter George Centre for Living and Learning

“The Peter George Centre for Living and Learning not only benefits current and future McMaster students, it also aligns with the university’s mission statement by contributing to the greater good of the City of Hamilton.”

Globe and Mail – David McPherson

The Peter George Centre for Living and Learning is the largest building to be constructed to date at McMaster University. It is also the first residence to be built on campus in 15 years, and the first to combine residential and academic functions.

The new 12-storey, 335,000 square foot building contains a large active learning classroom as well as a variety of smaller teaching spaces. Three stacked auditoria have been acoustically isolated from the main building in a drum and are accessed by interior bridges that have been designed to maintain this isolation.

Above the academic spaces, the building contains a 518-bed student residence, student wellness centre, children’s daycare centre, food services and a cafe.

The atrium space serves as a central hub for the academic and residential functions while also providing a space for informal study and congregation.

Client McMaster University
Completion 2020
Sustainability LEED Silver Candidate

Team See full project team
Steven Bondar
Debi Brennen
Liviu Budur
Alexa Carroll
Ashley Fava
Mehdi Ghiyaei
Valerie Gomez
Laura Kular
Nelson Lai
Michael Leckman
Beatriz Leon
Sarah Mercer
Jeffrey Mitchell
Mitch Popa
Thom Pratt
Antra Roze
Donald Schmitt
Nazig Seropian
Patrick Spear
Nigel Tai
Houng Te
Jose Trinidad
Gary Watson
Russell Wooten
Liuyi (Louis) Yan