Mirvish Village

The redevelopment and intensification of two city blocks, formerly the site of Toronto’s beloved discount department store Honest Ed’s Mirvish Village creates a new, dense, community centered urban precinct.

Varying built form of low, mid and highrise residential buildings define an animated public realm of streets and laneways which are pedestrian focused. Integrating 24 restored heritage buildings, street related retail, collaborative workspaces, arts and event spaces, The Kitchen—a food and music venue designed by Batay Csorba Architects, seasonal markets and vendors, including 28 micro retail incubators, the Village creates a new crossroads connected with mature urban neighborhoods.

The community delivers 890 rental apartments with 85 affordable rental units and integrates Niagara College’s Mirvish Campus. The LEED Platinum neighborhood achieves a 30% energy use reduction over norms and includes health and wellness, strength and conditioning spaces. The schematic design and a portion of the design development for Mirvish Village was completed by Henriquez Partners.

Design Detail and Execution Diamond Schmitt
Concept and Schematic Design Henriquez Partners
Construction Photography Tom Arban

Team See full project team
Amir Azadeh
Timothy Birchard
Derek Bonnett
Yasmin Borazjani
Anthony Brown
Elena Chernyshov
Anne Cheung
Simon Chu
Euan Cox
David Dow
Vincent Goetz
Brandon Griffin
Ashraf Hanna
Neima Hoseini
Zhivka Hristova
Laura Hutchinson
Caroline Inglis
Waleed Khan
Daniel Klinck
Paulina Kowalska
Macy Laporte
Victor Lima
Ana Maria Llanos
Justin Loucks
Wen-Ying Lu
Rod Maas
Navid Majdi
Eoin McMahon
Dyan Milagrosa
Nadia Mulji
Dat Pham
Graeme Reed
Sanchali Roy Chowdhuri
Donald Schmitt
Antonia Stanev
Krenar Sulejmani
Nigel Tai
Houng Te
Jose Trinidad
Joseph Troppmann
Elcin Unal
Adam Ward
Russell Wooten
Harvey Wu
Joseph Yau
Albert Yu